About the Directors

Mr.T.Srinivasan – Director, Shine Resolutions Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Sam John – Managing Director, Shine Resolutions Pvt. Ltd

Mr.T.Srinivasan, the Co-Founder of Shine Resolutions Services Pvt.Ltd conceived Shine as an organization which is deeply committed to values. In the firm belief that success in business would be its inevitable, eventual outcome. Apart from chairing the board of Directors, he is responsible for Managing the company, formulating and executing long term strategies, and for all interactions with clients, employees and investors. He is responsible for setting the tone for the company’s values, ethics and culture.

Mr. Sam John is the chief architect and driving force behind the overall operations. He has 25+ years if experience in Finance, Marketing and Man Management and also rich experience in resolution process of NPA’s with all banks, with a Bachelor of Science Graduation. His leadership and people management skills are to be mentioned as the vital force behind the success of shine. His role as an enabling service leader including driving process improvement initiatives on our client engagements.