Regulatory Framework

Shine is a Board governed organization with well-defined systems and processes and control mechanisms. The Board has constituted several Committees to approve and monitor decision making in functional areas like acquisition, resolution, fund raising, etc. As an organization, Shine is driven by commitment to high standards of excellence and ethical values.

Basically, Shine will be adopting the popular business model of ARCs of purchase of NPAs from the Banks / FIs based on valuations and resolution of the same by way of sale to prospective buyers or / and restructuring of the liabilities etc. The transaction will be done either through the mode of Security Receipt or by way of cash. All business will be undertaken on a highly transparent manner and purely on commercial terms as per the provisions of the Act and RBI guidelines.

Shine solicits business enquiries from interested parties which can be undertaken immediately on receipt of RBI license. The information on assets for sale either on individual or portfolio basis may be furnished in the prescribed format which may be downloaded from this site.